Flexible Release Options

Artists can gain support from fans the way that works best for them whilst reaching new listeners.

Simply connect your PayPal account and social media links within your profile to take transactions and gain new followers.

  • Fixed Pricing
  • Name your price
  • Artists keep 100% of Revenue
  • Share on Twitter
  • Share via Facebook Messenger
  • Follow on Spotify
  • Follow on soundcloud
  • Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Friendly

Geo mapping

Artists can clearly visualise where and how their music is being heard

Fans can mark themselves on the map to show where they are listening or select a venue where they'd like to hear the artist play.

Artist can also see who their most influencial fans are and reward them for reaching new listeners. As fans can see this too they're encourage to spread the artists music further.

collectives & labels

There's power in numbers.

Create or Join a Collective to cross-promote your music.

Our model let's artists cross-promote eachothers usic by letting fans see who they are supporting and collaborating with.

By setting up a Collective or Label, fans will be pointed to the member's pages and continue the discovery process within your circles.



Tastemaker accounts are created when a fan discovers and shares an artists track.

View which artists you're supporting and visualise where music has been shared beyond your discovery.


Flexible pricing that suits every artists situation.

Name your price / Share on Twitter / Share via Facebook Messenger

You choose how much you'd like to pay for our service each month or help us grow by sharing first roots to your friends and fellow artists.

We're offering you the same payment options that you can offer your fans. Spread the word, tell a friend.

try us. it's free

Our mission

To empower artists with all the tools they need to connect directly with fans whilst growing their audience.

We want people to be proud of owning their music collection, to treasure it and support the creators that produce it.

Encourage fans to find the balance between streaming and owning music by giving them the opportunity to be part of an artists journey and nurture their growth.

Our partners

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Work with us

We're a new service based in the UK who would love to work and collaborate with like-minded companies and individuals with a determination to support independent creatives and projects

If you would like to have a chat about becoming a partner or joining the team please get in touch at hello@firstroots.co.uk